Did you know? The New Look Edition

The New Look was a concept created by the House of Dior in February 12th, 1947 and came as breath of fresh air in postwar fashion.

During wartime dress codes were oppressive and strict, so the bold move of the New Look by Christian Dior came just in time to make fashion dreamy again.

Taking advantage of women’s silhouette, the new trend introduced by Dior was revolutionary after the war due to cinched waists with big skirts, which length could vary. The aesthetic of the New Look was light, classy and elegant, appealing to happier times and alluding to great balls.

It was an ode to femininity: it was not only a piece of clothing, but a statement of elegance,
conforming the feminine silhouette to the design.

The New Look was a symbol of Christian Dior’s grandeur as a designer and fashion mentor.


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