Hi fashion neighbours!

Welcome to The Fashion Quartier, a place where the fashion industry is unveiled to you: from its History, to its trends and inspirations, also updating you in the matters of legal and business news.

Hope you feel inspired and learn about the industry, whether you work in fashion or you simply are passionate about it.

As for the founder, my name is Carolina, I am a 26 years old Portuguese lawyer currently living in Lisbon and a big fashion and art enthusiast! Even though I studied Arts in high school, at age 17 decided to give law school a try. Between then and now I also did a Masters in Law and Management, a Post-Graduation in Intellectual Property and another in Fashion Law, lived in four different cities (including Paris and Barcelona) and travelled a lot! Besides this, I am also addicted to reading and learn new things every day.

Why starting a website about fashion? Well, the fact that fashion is a mirror of each period and culture, made it one my passions since I can remember and this is a way to keep it alive, by inspiring and helping others to understand how the industry works.

If you have any queries or wish to ask or suggest me anything, please don’t hesitate and contact me via email thefashionquartier@gmail.com.