Christian Dior (1905-1957)

Despite having a solo career too short, Christian Dior had a powerful role in the Fashion History and we can undoubtedly look up to him as a mentor.

Born in 1905 in Granville, Normandy (France) to wealthy parents that aimed for him a career in diplomacy, Dior chose to pursue fashion.

Even though Dior worked in his father art gallery in the early stage of his life, in late 1930s, started a path in fashion at Robert Piguet’s. Being called for military service, he would only return to fashion in 1942, when alongside Pierre Balmain, worked for the couturier Lucien Long.

In 1947, decided to open his own atelier in 30, Avenue Montaigne, Paris. In the same year, Dior launched the trend that would mark his legacy: the “New Look“.

On February 12, 1947, presented his collection and the fashion world fell on his feet.

The world was living in the dark shadow of WWII and fashion was no exception. The mindset of such period was towards functional and utilitarian goods and no luxury should be accepted. Dior challenged this and created the most graceful trend: light, classy and elegant, appealing to happier times and alluding to festivities.

Still in 1947, was founded Dior Parfums and Miss Dior created.

Soon after, the journey overseas began and Dior House opened in New York in November 1948. In the same year, Dior designs were presented in Sidney, Australia.

Dior made sure that his House should be present in many levels of fashion and he would provide everything that meant elegance to a women: in 1953 the lipstick Rouge Dior was launched.

With clients like Princess Margaret and Hollywood stars, Dior House travelled the world presenting dreamy collections, which were seen as a symbol of elegance and grace.

In 1957, Dior becomes the first couturier who appeared in Time Magazine cover.

After years leaving his profound marks in fashion, Christian Dior dies from an heart attack on October 24th, 1957, with only 52 years old.

His legacy remained in the hands of Yves Saint Laurent, who had been his assistance for the past two years.


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