Fashion Business Inspiration: Eva Chen

Eva Chen is the head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram and has one of the most inspiring paths in the industry.

Having planned from a young age to become a doctor, Eva was a pre-med student at John Hopkins University. However, after an internship in Harper’s Bazaar, decided to pursue a career in fashion.

Landing in Lucky Magazine as a freelancer after graduation, Eva spent 3 years as an assistant at Elle Magazine while completing a master’s degree in Columbia University. In the next 8 years Eva worked for Teen Vogue as beauty editor.

In 2015, with only 33 years old, was named editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine, where she helped to create a joint-venture between Condé Nast and e-commerce platform BeachMint, called Lucky Group. With her help, Lucky became the digital-first e-commerce platform complemented by the magazine’s print and digital content. Eva became the first creative officer in chief of the new group.

Eva left the role less than a year later to become Instagram’s first head of Fashion Partnerships, thus creating a niche market for herlself. With a strong presence in the fashion industry and the social media network, take for example the widely known #evachenpose, Eva Chen was the perfect choice for the new role.

Bonus curiosities: In 2018, Eva published a children’s book – Juno Valentine.


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