Slow fashion – what is it about?

Slow fashion concept is new to some but a very needed one in the (fashion) world we live in. The purpose is to have not only a more ecological fashion, but also an ethical industry and a lasting fashion.

Aiming to defy the non stop consumerism habits that the modern society acquired in the last decades – the need to have tons of clothes people only wear once, even though they were made in poor labour conditions and by harming the environment – slow fashion brands are focused in high quality products fabricated in good working conditions without endangering the planet and are sold at a fair cost.

At the end is all about quality over quantity: ending the throwaway culture and change consumers’ mind to a more conscious way of shopping that replaces how occidental shoppers have been buying trends lately, namely by connecting concerns regarding human labor and environmental impact (from the materials to the production process).

Did slow fashion came to stay? We believe so and it will remain for a long time.


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