“The Crown” (2016-)

The Crown“, produced by Peter Morgan, tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II in the different stages of her Majesty life: from youth to ascension to the throne, to dealing with a country’s affairs, in a job for life that was not chosen by the monarch but implied to her. The show already won 2 golden globes.

Until now the main actors were Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby. However, for the yet to be released during 2019 Season 3, there will be a new cast fulfiling the roles of an older Royal Family.

As for the costume designer , there were two masterminds behind it: for season 1 it was Michele Clapton and season 2 Jane Petrie.

Cool articles about the season 1 costume designs here & here and season 2 here, here, here & here.


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