Did you know? The Bomber Jacket Edition

The bomber (or flight) jacket was created in the beginning of the 20th century as functional attire for the military, namely air force pilots, to protect them from aircrafts‘ severe conditions back then. It was a popular garment specially during the World War II.

Belgium and France Air Forces started using long leather coats as flight apparel around 1915.

In 1917, with the founding of the Aviation Clothing Board, the U.S. Army established leather coats as part of their uniform and the A-1 flight jacket was created. The main aesthetic difference from the ones that followed, is that this one had buttons.

The A-2 model, 1931

The B-3, the true bomber jacket, was created in 1934 specially for aircraft bombers that went up high, which later evolved for models like B-6, B-7, B-10 and B-15.

In 1949 was born the highly known MA-1, similar to the “B’s” but with a knit collar, following the evolution of aircrafts that now had better conditions, ditching the fur. This was the most popular model amongst civilians (thanks to Hollywood).

In the late 1960s to 1980s, the bomber jacket was linked to punk and skinhead movements.

In the 1980s, bomber jackets go to Hollywood again and their popularity remains high since then.

“Top Gun” (1986)

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