Did you know? The Trench Coat Edition

Photo: Kate Moss for Burberry (2005) by Mario Testino

The trench coat’s history dates back to 1820s, when Charles Macintosh, a chemist, an Thomas Hancock, an inventor, created coats made from “mack”, a waterproof garment.

Following that, in 1853, John Emary, created a water repellent coat named Aquascutum (the same name of his company).

Later, in 1879, Thomas Burberry created Burberry’s famous gabardine, made from a garment whose threads were individual rubberized (instead of the whole cloth), creating a more breathable waterproof cotton garment – it was then patented in 1888. Due to its price, it was mostly used by upper classes.

Even though it was an expensive piece, when World War I came in, english military improved its functional design for the battlefield, namely the khaki and camouflage color tones, and the classic trench coat as we know it was born (the Burberry trench coat). It was not only a utilitarian garment but also a stylish one, which made it jump to the streets of fashion and Hollywood movies.

With a clean cut, the trench coat is a timeless piece, used by all generations, both men and women. Trench coats give a touch of elegance without much effort.

Check below some iconic trench coats.


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