Did you know? The Birkin Bag Edition

The Birkin bag is one of the most desired items in the fashion industry.

With a wait list of 5 years, a price that starts at $ 12.000 – reaching six figures when it comes to vintage and limited editions – and increases every year, it is actually an investment.

But how was it born?

In 1981 Jane Birkin met by chance Hermès’ Chief Executive, Jean-Louis Dumas, on a plane, when all the contents she had on her straw tote were spilled from it. Jane complained about how good it would be to have a bigger leather bag with more pockets. Mr. Dumas quickly understood that more women had the same problem. Et voilà, the Birkin Bag was born, in collaboration with and named after Jane Birkin.

However, it only made success in the late 90s.

The “Sex and the City” episode where Samantha is pursuing at all cost a Birkin was a strong contribution for the it-bag’s success.

How are they made?

The bags are handcrafted and made of leather, namely of crocodile leather.

It can take up to 48h of work by a single craftsmanship to finish one.

Bonus curiosities: Jane Birkin is an animal rights advocate which is why there is some tension between her and Hermès. It is said that Jane even asked for her name to be disassociated with the bag.


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