Did you know? The miniskirt Edition.

The History of miniskirt dates back as far as 5400-4700 B.C, but the concept of miniskirt as we know it today is credited to British designer Mary Quant and was created in 1964, during the Swinging Sixties.

Mary Quant, visionary and self taught designer, opened her store , Bazaar, in 1955 on Kings Road, where she started to sell clothes to challenge the conservative fashion environment of the time.

The designer, inspired by the fashion she was seeing on the streets, decided to cut the skirt some inches above the knee as an act of rebellion.

Nonetheless, there were other designers who played important roles in the “above the knee” movement, such as the French designer André Courrèges that also began to cut some skirts and dresses above the knee in the early 60s and Yves Saint Laurent that, in 1965, debuted the Mondrian dresses’ collection and gave a boost to above the knee cuts.

Bonus curiosities: who was considered the miniskirt face during the 60s? The it girl “Twiggy”.


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