Did you know? The Denim Jeans Edition

Photo: Levi’s (Advertising, 1950)

When did it all started?

16th Century – There are several thesis concerning the creators of the denim fabric. Some defend that it was in Nîmes, France that started the production of a fabric named “serge de nimes”, made from cotton, which later become known as “denim”. For others, it was in Genoa, Italy that this fabric was created and it is linked to genoese sailors, where the word “jeans” comes from.

Denim goes to America

1871: Jacob Davis, a tailor, and Levi Strauss, a businessman, teamed up in the creation of a work garment that would answer the needs of miners who searched for stronger and more functional work wear: the modern denim jeans were born.

1873 – On May 20, 1873 was granted to them a U.S. Patent concerning the process of putting studs in workers’ pants.

1930s – Until here, denim jeans kept being mostly worn as work wear, by miners and farmers. It was only when Hollywood started to make movies with cowboys wearing denim jeans that it became popular.

1950s – Despite the drop of production of jeans during the World War II, in the 50’s their popularity increased again with movies like “Rebel Without a Cause” (1955) staring James Dean. Denim jeans became a symbol of rebellion and started to be seen as garment for leisure activities. Many icons, like Marilyn Monroe, adopted jeans as their go-to outfits when they were off work.

1960s – Denim jeans got associated with youth causes, being linked with hippie movements since they represented freedom from traditional garments worn at the time and becoming popular among counter culture.

Modern ages

1980s – During the eighties there was the rise of denim jeans designers such as Calvin Klein and they started to appear more on commercials.

1990s – There was the rise of baggy jeans and all kind of denim pieces, from overalls to jackets, which increased the number of luxury brands betting on denim.

2000s – With the new millennium the denim fever continued and it was the rise of skinny and low rise denim jeans.

2010s – It is safe to say that nowadays you see all type of denim jeans, even though they are considered casual wear, everybody wears them in all shapes and cuts.


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