News Flash: Levis, J. Crew, Victoria’s Secrets & Chanel-Pharrell

Levi’s is worth $ 6.5 Billion

Levi’s, which went private in 1985, went public again last Thursday and the industry was surprised by its value.

Despite the growing trend of athleisure, Levi’s is being able to keep the denim fever alive and proving that heritage and innovation can walk together.

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J.Crew fails (again)

Despite the effort made last year in a relaunch of the brand, the results were not the expected: J. Crew reported a net loss of $74.4 million. Will J. Crew continue to make efforts without finding the brand’s essence?

Interesting points of view here: &

Victoria’s Secret keeps struggling

Despite welcoming two new Angels, Barbara Palvin and Alexina Graham, Victoria’s Secret is still suffering backlash from being considered a brand that does not embrace diversity.

Food for thought:

Chanel-Pharrell will come out on March 28th

Pharrel Williams was the co-designer of a capsule collection for Chanel that will come out next thursday, March 28, at the opening of the new Chanel boutique in Seoul, South Korea.

The making-of can be seen in British Vogue’s vimeo:


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